Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crazy 6 days!

Brady and I had quite the week a couple of weeks ago (yes I know i'm slow). Brady's mom owns a business and was invited to attend a housewares show in Chicago. She was short on help so I had the wonderful opportunity of picking up the slack and going with her and the rest of Brady's family to Chicago. Originally Brady was not going to be able to go because he wasn't part of the "business trip" and therefore wasn't paid for. I was debating rather I wanted to use my vacation days and be gone over my birthday without my babe. However, he checked his sky miles and he had just enough! Yeah! He did however have to leave a little earlier and came home earlier.

It all started Friday morning at 3:30 in the morning when we left the house to take Brady to the airport. I turned around, got ready and then took myself back to the airport. We arrived, checked in at the hotel and headed straight to the convention center (we got there two days early in order to set the booth up). We set up that night until 9:00! The next day, we started early at 8am. We were all very surprised when we left the hotel to find that everything was closed, including mass transit. The streets were lined with people, all dressed in green. This is the Saturday before St. Patricks Day fyi. They were however celebrating St. Patricks Day already. Apparently it is a week long celebration there - Saturday till Saturday. It was absolutely crazy. They die the Chicago River bright green, change the lights on the skyscrapers to green and have a huge parade.

All of us worked very hard while at the show. Brady constructed, Roger made food runs, I ironed and Jeen made it all come together. It was a long two days of set up - about 18 hours!
The show started Sunday morning and would run through Tuesday. After the show ended on Sunday, we went to dinner for my birthday. I was actually able to go to my all time favorite resturaunt, Maggiano's, on my birthday which is saying a lot considering we don't have one in Utah. I even splurged and got Creme Brulee!
Brady left early early early Monday morning so he could get home for work and school that day. Brady picked me up Tuesday night and took me home to some great surprises. He had decorated the house all cute with birthday stuff and had the table all set up with my gifts. He kept saying the whole time in Chicago "I wish you present would have got here before we left" I understood why when I opened it. It was a NEW CAMERA! I have been wanting one so bad. My family also went all together and got me an amazing lamp to go by my cute chair. I love it! I have the greatest family and the best husband ever!

For St. Patricks Day I made one our favorite foods - fettucine alfredo! I died the alfredo green, had green breadsticks and green salad. I am such a sucker for holidays - thanks mom! What a week!


Whitney and Garrett said...

cute pics didder. one day i will be more like you...you need to tell me how you did the breadsticks green?

ashlan said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! I so want in on the work trip next year. It looked like alot of fun work! What an awesome picture of the green river.

Alex said...

I can't believe they die the river green! Thats nuts!! Happy Birthday!

hyrum♥chelsea said...

love your st. pattys day stuff. if we lived by each other we would be totally tearing up the holidays together :) love ya.

Walker Fam said...

Sorry this is so late but Happy Belated Birthday. I am glad you guys go to get away on a little trip. That is awesome. I'd love to do lunch one of these days- serioulsly!